Parawire Jewelry Wire

18 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Rings, Handmade jump rings, Chain maille pieces

20 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Wire wrapped bracelets & necklaces, Rings, Ear wires, Jump rings, Decorative pendant wraps, Coiled jewelry

22 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Wire wrapped bracelets & necklaces, Decorative pendant wraps with fine detailing

24 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Delicate & intricate wire-wrapped designs, thin but starts to hold a shape

26 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Very fine wire, good for beads that have small holes in them such as pearls.

28 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Extremely fine wire, not much wider than a human hair. Mostly used for wire crocheting and wire knitting.

Parawire is a high quality solid copper wire made in the USA! The tarnish resistant coatings will stay colorful for years to come. There are various widths of copper wire for your jewelry and craft projects, please see above!  You can also shop by colored jewelry wire below: